The first post

So then. Welcome to the new blog! This is actually my third webhome. The first one was a crappy MSN Space thing back in 2005 (anyone remembering the MSN Space? Oh the horrors). The second was a moderately successful Wordpress blog, that allowed me to play sys-admin on my own site for some years (it's still out there. Should I take it down?). This third one was started because I was fed up with being administrator, having to deal with all the upgrades, the PHP code and the other nerdy stuff. I wanted to start anew. I wanted to get rid of the slag of history (which is a bit ironic, since I'm a historian by training, usually spending my days trying to make people preserve history). I wanted a place where I can just write. Nothing else. It's a bit like buying a new notebook. Wonderful blank pages full of promises of intellectual bravery and poetic twiddle. We'll see how it goes this time.

This is also a place where I will practice writing in English. Being a PhD candidate in the humanities, I'm a writer by trade. But writing is like playing an instrument. You have to do it all the time to keep it up. This is especially true when you´re writing in a language that is not your own. I recently attended a writing seminar where the teacher told us to write freely and spontaneously at least fifteen minutes every day. This would supposedly keep our minds and language in motion, even on days when writing is not on the agenda (like today for instance, a day of valuable research time wasted on administrative issues - well it has to be done). The idea is good. I might not write every day, but I keep filling up my Moleskins with ramblings of various qualities. From now on I will also post some ramblings here.

Finally this is the place where I try to keep track on what I've been doing. Here I'm keeping a fairly updated CV, and I'm in the process of building up some kind of virtual project archive. I won't ask of you to read any of this - it's there mostly for my self. And because it's a Very Modern Thing to do.


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