Post 1980 canon #2: Irony, simplicity, eclecticism: Louis Andriessen's M is for Man, Music and Mozart

Example number two of the post 1980 canon: Louis Andiressen's M is for Man, Music and Mozart (1991).

This piece is a part of Peter Greenaway's really really odd movie Not Mozart, commissioned to the 200 year anniversary for Mozart's death in 1991 (is that really something to celebrate?). The movie yells "so 90's!!" but music, choreography and scenography has qualities that transcend the somehow disturbing video effects.

Not Mozart by Peter Greenaway. See it!

This piece is a great example of the postmodern 1990s eclectic treatment of historical subjects, 1990s irony, simplicity and minimalism. The piece has a mixed identity: it is classical music (scored for brass, double bass and piano), and it is not classical music (because of the jazz singer and the lack of string section). It is funny and witty, but still serious. It is both grotesque and beautiful. And it is a very cool piece of music. The dancing (and the dancers) are great too.



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