Being present at a meeting via Skype? Yes it is possible

This fall I've been following a course in digital history at the University of Umeå, learning about text mining, interactive maps, Gephi, 3D models and all sorts of fancy-pancy stuff. I've written about this before here and here. I was supposed to go to Sweden this week to attend the final meeting of the course, but family business forced me to cancel the trip. But I'm still present - via Skype.

If you study this picture closely, you'll see me on the wall there to the left, next to Helena, another participant skyping in from Rome. And while you're at it, also marvel at the hi-tech stuff we're learning about.

I even held a talk, presenting my course project so far (Intellectual property and rights management for the digital historian). It was rather odd to present not being able to see the audience (my screen was all taken up by the presentation slides), but it wen't all right.

I don't know how many that fell asleep during my talk (pretty dry stuff), but this tweet gave me some sort of feedback while I was talking:

So then, it is proved. It is possible to attend meetings, and even present via the Internet. Of course it's not the same as being there in person. Even if I saw all the talks and presentations, I didn't get to participate on the social stuff where the most interesting discussions usually take place. And it is a bit odd and "un-tactile" to stare into the computer the whole day. But it is much better than missing out on the action.

Tapping into the #UMEDH course, Skype window and course Twitter feed via Tweetdeck


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