Artistic projects


Ningun Extremo

2005 - 2011

Luis Della Mea - git, vox, keys
Axel Tidemann - e-drums, keys

(past - the "ex-ninguenos")
Ola Nordal - guitars
Carl Gustaf Lundholm - bass
Arnhild Staal Pedersen - vox
Jonathan O. Millar - keys
Sven-Arne Skarvik - drums
Ingrid Velle - vox

Ningun Extremo (EP, Ex Nihilo 2010)

Review: Oppland Arbeiderblad (5/6)

Djevelens orkester

2011 -->
"Project orchestra" occationally preforming at jam sessions in Trondheim. Line up varies.

"The hard core"
Terje Olden - vox
Rune Nyhaug - guitar
Ola Nordal - guitar
Thomas Brosveet - bass
Jokke - drums

Ola & Ola

2011 -->
Ola Nordal (guitar) & Ola Kalsnes (piano)

23.09.2011 - Charlies Café & Kaffebar, Trondheim
16.04.2012 - Milano, Dokka
22.04.2012 - Antikvariatet, Trondheim
25.10.2012 - No. 13, Trondheim (with Thomas Brosvet)



Ole Petter Berg - vox, guitar, songs
Frode Thomassen - ac. guitar, backing vox, songs
Ola Nordal - guitar
Øyvind Smidt - bass
Erik Haug - drums

The Movie Star EP (Godt Selskap 2003)

  • Oppland Arbeiderblad (5/6)
  • Natt og Dag Trondheim (5/6)
  • Panorama (4/6)


I've specialized in working as a consultant for artists needing help programming in Jitter. Occationally I also do my own stuff.

Radio controlled rat

A little movie: "Lightplay"


Interactive art installation (touch screen & Max/MSP/Jitter), NTNU 14-15th of September 2010
Short description on

Prosjekt "Move": Interactive treadmill

Treadmill, video projection, Max/MSP/Jitter, Trondheim Matchmakin 2004

Produksjon/Koreografi: Susanne Rasmussen
Programmering: Ola Nordal
Musikk: Jørgen Orheim
Dansere: Arnhild Staal Pettersen, Luis della Mea

Description at TMM 2004 website


LÅT (Livsnyternes Åpne Teater)

Amateur theatre group from Trondheim
  • 2009: Den innbudne, composer and musician
  • 2007: Essence of Norway, sound/light design and engineering
  • 2005: Gressenken, sound designer and engineer
  • 2003: Vrengt, co-composer, sound designer and engineer


  • Two photos in Finborud (red.): Arne Nordheim. Ingen -ismer for meg takk. Orfeus, 2013 (p. 78-79 & 158)
  • Electrobouiqe in the KORO 2009 report (Public Art In Norway 2010). P 125 (top and bottom left photo).
  • Cover and 2 photos in the book Mat med bygg - tradisjon og nåtid (Torpa bygdekvinnelag, 2010)
  • Rockettothesky, in Icon Music Mag, 24nd of October 2009
  • New Violators, in Icon Music Magazine, 30th of March 2009 (web music magazine)
  • The Douglas Firs in Kulturadressa, 16th of January 2008
  • Amberville - Welcome to Amberville, 2007. Album cover photo and press photos.
  • Anekdoten, 4th of May 2007 published in Monster Magazine no 3/2007.
  • Stian Wannebo from the play Essence of Norway - in Adresseavisen, February 23rd 2007
  • Synnfjell - in Oppland Arbeiderblad ca February 12th 2007
  • Pierre Bastien in Stavanger Aftenblad, 27. november 2006
  • NoMuTe 2006 on NoMuTE homepage (september 2006):
  • Ibsen statue - gift for Black Debbath in Monster Magazine (sometime during 2006)
  • Rammsund in Monster Magazine (sometime during 2006)
  • Arabs in Aspic - promo pic used for posters and flyers (2005?) (see press info and press image)
Various for TEKS and Trondheim Matchmaking 2006-2010


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