Academic projects

I am an experienced researcher and writer in contemporary history, focusing on music, technology, science and knowledge in the decades following World War II.

Arne Nordheim

My PhD project is about the electronic music of the late Norwegian composer Arne Nordheim

Computer history exhibition

Between October 2010 and May 2012 i built up a permanent computer history exhibition at NTNU Department of Computer and Information Science. Parts of the exhibition can be seen in this video:

Haakon Sandvold Archive

I had the responsibility of organizing the archive of the Norwegian engineer Haakon Sandvold. The archive is now available as TEK-0073 Haakon Sandvold at the University Library, NTNU.

History of NTNU

Anniversary history of NTNU, published on Pax Academic Publishers, 2010. With Thomas Brandt.


Computer history at NTNU

A history of computing at NTNU, published at Tapir Academic Publishers, 2010

Preserving scientific instruments at NTNU

NTNU has a vast and interesting collection of scientific instruments. The condition of the collections vary greatly from department to department. The situation was documented in the report Roland Wittje & Ola Nordal: Universitetshistoriske samlinger ved NTNU (Tapir Academic Publishing 2005).


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