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Evaluating content storage software

Big decision to be made today. Again I need to improve my workflow!

I'm a sucker for doing things the digital way. I used to keep large file cabinets storing my material and personal "archive," but I've realized quite throughly that this kind of system is for people keeping a permanent position (and permanent office) only. My neatly organized computer history archive from a few years back is of no use to me now. It's stored in boxes some 2000 kilometers away from my present place of being, and I can't access it. The same goes for other projects I've finished, but never really managed to put behind.

In my current project the stack of both digital and physical sources are starting to overflow. I need a way to get both sources and research notes on my material stored in a neat and retrievable way. "Content storage software"is the key. Previously I have experience with EndNote, Evernote and DevonThink. As of today, I store all my files in Dropbox (…