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Pål Eide: Arne Nordheim's "Listen"

Most of the time, interest in the music of a classical music composer vanes after his or her death. This has not been the case for Arne Nordheim. Since his passing in 2010, there has been a steady stream of new recordings of his works - at least two or three each year. That might not be a lot for big guns like Stravinsky or Bartók, but even Stockhausen is not that much further ahead in number of new releases.

Today I was made aware of a "new" recording by Pål Eide of Listen! - Nordheim's only piece for piano solo. Actually, it's not completely new. Eide's website claims the CD was released already in 2010, but it seems to have been made available on Spotify only during the last few days. Point is, I've never heard about the release before, so to me it's new.

Listen! is one of Nordheim's most frequently recorded works. If I'm not wrong, it's actually the 9th time it has been committed to disc. Not too bad for a piece of contemporary music! And a…