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2013: The year I discovered Bandcamp

2013 is the year I discovered the joys of being a fan on Bandcamp. 

Back in 2009 I signed up to my Spotify account and was flabbergasted. I was listening for months upon end. Music I hadn't heard in ages, all the holes in my record/CD-collection (some 1500 items), rare recordings that I never had the chance to acquire and so on. At that time I was still buying quite a lot of CDs and occationally files on iTunes (and, I admit, did some illegal downloading as well) but that gradually came to an end. I realized that often I bought a CD, put it in my shelf, and started listening to the album on Spotify instead. A bit later Wimp came along and complemented the few shortages in the Spotify catalogue (mostly obscure Norwegian contemporary music for my case), and then I completely stopped buying music. I happily pay the subscription fee to both companies. Even though I've been ranting quite a bit about the low payouts to artists, I see streaming as mostly a positive thing and I guess …

Being present at a meeting via Skype? Yes it is possible

This fall I've been following a course in digital history at the University of Umeå, learning about text mining, interactive maps, Gephi, 3D models and all sorts of fancy-pancy stuff. I've written about this before here and here. I was supposed to go to Sweden this week to attend the final meeting of the course, but family business forced me to cancel the trip. But I'm still present - via Skype.

If you study this picture closely, you'll see me on the wall there to the left, next to Helena, another participant skyping in from Rome. And while you're at it, also marvel at the hi-tech stuff we're learning about.
Going all 3D and fancy in @elbergstrom's project presentation.
— Finn Arne Jørgensen (@finnarne) December 9, 2013
I even held a talk, presenting my course project so far (Intellectual property and rights management for the digital historian). It was rather odd to present not being able to see the audience (my screen was…