Musical experiments at 11:11, 11.11.11

When it comes to music I consider myself primarily as a pop-musician/rock guitar player. But I also nourish this strong fascination for ugly sounds. I can hurt my ears with sharp edged noise for hours upon hours. It's fascinating to wear on headphones whilst walking through the city. It's an inspirational backdrop whist working. It's all about opening your ears to the unexpected.

So, sometimes if I get hold of a synthesizer or some exciting software, I make stuff that does not sound nice. To celebrate 11:11, 11.11.11 I give to you two of these experiments. The first one is me fiddeling around with two analog synthesizers, creating a preliminary study for a synth part in my (very much straight forwards rock'n'roll) solo album that I'm never able to finish. The second one is a small idea preformed with my laptop microphone and Max/MSP.

Should I say "hope you like it"? I guess I don't even bother ;-)

Electronic improvisation #2 by Nordic Sound Lab

Phase study #1: Unity by Nordic Sound Lab


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