Some videos of Nordheim for solo instruments


Nordheim's "Flashing" is well established in the modern accordion repertory, and virtuoso Ksenija Sidorova's rendering of the piece is just amazing.


Clamavi - Nordheim's marvellous work for solo cello, played by Brian Carter.


There are no versions of the Hunting or the Return of the Snark out in the videosphere, except for this  jazz quartet version of the Hunting of the Snark by the group NYNDK:

Cello, Trombone and MIDI piano

The work Vevnad combines much of Nordheim's ideas for trombone, cello and the piano, and reveals what is probably a fascination for Colon Nancarrow.


Partita for Paul (1985) in a great version, which also displays Nordheim's often used 15 seconds delay technique the last movement. Emma Steele on violin.

The last movement of Partita for Paul, "Individualisierte Höhenmessung der lagen," played by Peter Herresthal:

Tre voci

This video of the chamber cantata Tre voci also highlights some of Nordheim's writing style, especially the percussion parts.


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